We all have a shorthand image of who we are.

If at any time in my life after about the age of 6 you would have asked me my shorthand it would probably be this:
1. one of the sisters
2. a New Yorker
3 a Jew

2 and 3 might be reversed and there are many things I would include if it wasn’t shorthand but that’s pretty much my most important items.

Today I was walking on Park Avenue with Rupert in his carriage when a woman standing outside her office building smoking noticed us and smiled.
I get that reaction a lot so I smiled back.
“Can I come over and say hello to him?” she asked laughing.


She comes over, makes some small talk and as we start to walk away she leans into Rupert and says “You are so fuckin’ cute”

This probably couldn’t happen any place else in the world. I got such a feeling of joy and familiarity, a feeling of being where I’m supposed to be.

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