192. Two Jews walk into a Harley-Davidson store…..

Remember I said that Stephanie bought her husband,Terry, a surprise for their anniversary?

It was a motorcycle.

He was so happy and excited and surprised because as Julie says, “You know how he irritates her when he’s too happy”.

Anyway I went to her house yesterday and except for one brief down moment when she closed the car window on my arm it was a perfect day.

I can’t mention the arm thing without saying that she refused to apologize because she said it was totally my fault. I should have said “Stop closing the window” instead of “Ow ow ow ow ow.”

Back to our day. We went to buy her a helmet so she could ride behind Terry on the cycle.

We thought we’d go into the Harley-Davidson store and say “One helmet please” and be on our way.

Much to our surprise they had a bunch of different styles.

First she tried on the full head one but it was a little claustrophobic and it kinda looked , I don’t know, big.

Then she tried on a smaller one that happened to be red and black, the exact color of Terry’s motorcycle.

I walked around her, looking at the helmet from all sides.

“The big one doesn’t cover that much more of your neck” I told her

Steph mumbled “Yeah, this one covers everything but my spinal cord”

“That’s true, but it does match both your motorcycle and your jacket and hopefully if you fall, you’ll fall on Terry.”

She started to laugh because that’s exactly how her mother, my sister, Iris, would have advised her. She, and my mother were real “Throw’em a glove” mothers (Rose, in Gypsy”).

Iris would have okayed a yarmulke with a visor if it made her look more attractive.

“Wrap it up”. she said.

Then off we went to close my arm in the car window.

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