193. Happy Mother’s Day Sucka!

I looked at the caller ID on my phone at about 9 am this morning.
It said “Bahamas”.

My first reaction was happy. Captain Hugh is okay.

But then I thought, he’s calling for money. He’s going to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day and tell me how bad he’s doing and I’ll have to send him money.

Christmas or Easter or even New Years is one thing but Mother’s Day? I”m not his mother, in fact I’m not a mother at all.

And I don’t remember the last time I bought myself something. In fact I owe money for the first time in years. I can’t be giving money out.

I let the phone ring and didn’t answer it.

I went on with my day but I have to admit it just didn’t sit right with me.

David went to the gym today and fell in the shower and injured his foot.
He soldiered it out and hopped home.

I kept asking him why he didn’t lie there screaming for help (the image really tickled me) but he wouldn’t answer.

I very kindly offered to feel his foot and check it for broken bones but he said something about hitting me on the head with a beer bottle if I touched him so I let him be.

I heard my phone ringing so I went back to answer it. The caller ID said “Bahamas”

“Hi, Captain, good to hear from you. Happy Mother’s Day to you too”

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