194. People are always trying to make me stretch myself. That’s a good way to get an exploding brain.

Today my agent, Lisa, asked me to read 2 snooty books.

She clearly doesn’t know what every other person in my family knows. That I only read dumb people’s books and only watch dumb movies and tv shows.

There is no reality show that I don’t adore.

I know things about the personal lives of celebrities that would stun and amaze folks that waste their time watching CNN.

I used to go to a video store owned by Iranian Jews.
When they’d recommend a movie I’d say, “Does it have a happy ending? Cause if not I ain’t interested.”.

They knew my taste so well that once when I went in there with Julie to pick up a movie, much to Julie’s shame, the guy held up a video and said “You’ll like this. It’s stupid”

My sister Iris couldn’t stand this about me. She’d say “You’re so smart, how can you read such shit”.

Well clearly I’m not that smart and I use my brains for more important things like, well I can’t think of anything important right now but I’m sure there’s something that needs thinking about and I’ll do it when I get a chance.

13 thoughts on “194. People are always trying to make me stretch myself. That’s a good way to get an exploding brain.

  1. I read as much for escape as for information (Julie’s books excepted as her’s are all gems) so my bookshelf is, to say the least, very eclectic. Just as a fine meal needs a little salt, so a fine mind needs a little diversion 🙂

  2. I’ll read them but don’t blame me if my brain explodes. I think if I erase the most recent episode of “Jerseylicious” there will be room for those books.

  3. Good luck with reading those snooty books. Ugh! Give me a Janet Evanovitch novel and I am very happy. I adore Stephanie Plum.

  4. I can’t believe what a shit Aviva has become. So mean to Ramonia. Carole is still pretty well behaved. Luann: beyond redemption. The Yummy Tummy one, I can’t even remember her name, and I have a Masters degree.

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