209. Liz, come home. Your baby is being a baby.

Liz better get back here fast.

First of all I miss her and I miss Rupie.

Second of all, I seem to have gotten custody of David who is acting out without Lizzie here to control him.

This morning I got a call from him at about 8 a.m. because he couldn’t find his keys. Since he used them to get in the house they must be there but he had to leave for Mexico and he couldn’t lock his door.

I told him to go. I’d lock his door and find his keys.

He must be bored and waiting for his plane to leave because I got 3 emails in a row from him. None of which would he dare be sending me if Liz were within smacking distance.

1.”Check out liveleak.com today. Video of a beheading in Saudi Arabia. Swordsman did it with only 1 hand! Did you read about the massacre yesterday in Mx City airport? On my way there this afternoon. I’ve always thought there’s a bullet out there somewhere with my name on it.

Any luck with the keys?”

2. Some stupid joke that his stupid friend sent to stupid him called “Liberal 101”.

3. A youtube thing that I have no intention of looking at since I learned my lesson early in our relationship that whatever he’s sent me has only one goal – to piss me off.

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