216. An Evening With “The Duke”

David had a sleepover date last night. It was his friend Ian. Ian had to be in the City to meet up with some out of town friends and he decided to stay at David’s house for the weekend.

Ian and David have been friends for over thirty years. It’s both nice and interesting to be around friends like that.  They obviously love to be together. They know what each other thinks and finish each other’s sentences.

I like to think Susan and I are those kind of friends. Oh wait, there is one difference. When Ian was ready to leave for dinner he made sure he had everything he needed, phone? check, wallet?, check, switchblade?, check. I  don’t remember the last time Susan remembered to bring her switchblade to dinner.  She and I are going shopping today in Nyack. I’d better call and remind her.

If you’re wondering how I got over there last night, I used my limes to get an invite.

David wanted to make margaritas and he called to see if I had any limes. When I brought them over he had no choice but to invite me to join them for cocktails. Since, if I waited until he actually wanted me there, I’d never see him I was more than happy to oblige.

We sat around chatting, well I was chatting and when they could get a word in edgewise they told me about some of their adventures. Almost all of them ended with them waking up drunk and naked girls sleeping it off on the floor.

As I’m a woman alone I was being very careful about my alcohol intake so I could keep my wits about me and fight them off if need be.

Anyway, Ian left and since sometime in the evening I had said that I never saw “Rio Bravo” with John Wayne David decided that my education wasn’t complete if I didn’t watch “the greatest movie ever made”. Luckily he owned it since he likes to watch it weekly.

He put on his giant Deputy Dog hat  because you can’t watch a John Wayne movie unless you’re in costume, and he ran the movie.

When it was over, “one arrow can’t kill the Duke” he decided to send out for chinese food, “on him”. I always know that if I hang around until he has a buzz going I’ll get a free meal.

Since he was in costume (the hat) and he was in western mode, he was forced to order the food in John Wayne’s voice.

I can’t tell you how many times he had to repeat “B as in Bolivar” before the woman who was taking the order realized that the food was being sent to apartment 18B.  And since english wasn’t even her second language, “You betcha” and “That’ll do it, darlin'” made no sense to her at all.

Under normal conditions I’d yell at him for this but  free eats is free eats.

Before I left, I made up the bed for Ian which David thought was totally unnecessary but since even he didn’t know where Liz kept the extra blankets and pillows, how would he expect Ian to know?

I only hope he took his hat off before he went to bed.

6 thoughts on “216. An Evening With “The Duke”

  1. The movie was Rio Grande, not Rio Bravo! The former was one of the 3 John Ford films from the mid 1950s referred to as the Cavalry Trilogy. Rio Bravo was released in 1959, was not directed by John Ford, and has gained what might be considered “cult status” amoung western film congnisenty

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