217. Legal Separation: def. The separation of your heart from your head.

Well I’m legally separated.

If this had happened even a month ago I would be feeling terrible but surprisingly I don’t feel bad at all. At least that’s what I think I feel. I am so removed from my true emotions that I never have any idea what my reaction will be to anything.

I sail along thinking the worst is over and out of the blue I get a panic attack. The reverse happens too. I dread something and it turns out to be a piece of cake.

Anyway I told my lawyer to get the divorce going asap.  I’m pretty sure that dave will marry his girlfriend then and if he does I definitely don’t want to know about it so if anyone reading this is invited to the wedding, do not even think of bringing me as your plus one.

I’m very happy to be picking up Miss Liz at the airport today.  She’s coming home for another week and then going back to Santa Fe. Unfortunately this is a very busy week for me so I won’t be able to see much of her. I can’t imagine what she and David will find to do if I’m not around. I hope he has more of those John Wayne movies to show her.

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