219. Take that snake and shove it up your ass.

Legal separation ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

For some reason I’m feeling low as a snake. I feel like my skin is so thin that any decision I make  even good ones stress me out.

I met with my lawyer last week. I was barely listening to her. The whole time I was wondering if she thought I was a schmuck to still be wearing my wedding and engagement rings. Then I had a dream that dave came over with his wife and new baby.  I know I know you people are fed up with hearing about my dreams.

I went to Montauk this weekend with Julie and Violet and Matthew and Lara and Pixie. It was an entire house of Klams. Pretty fitting in Montauk.

The nights were far from restful. True I slept in a king size bed but I had some company, Julie, Violet and their 3 dogs.

Julie sleeps like  a pencil, never moving, Violet sleeps in the middle like a dancing starfish and I sleep on the edge with my sleep mask on which Julie said that whenever she wakes up and looks over scares her. Then the dogs move in and out of the covers constantly stopping only to kiss you like crazy whenever you give signs that you may be waking up. Those signs can consist of any movement at all.

In addition both Julie and I got some kind of stomach thing so we couldn’t drink. That didn’t help either of our personalities.

On the way home we stopped to pick up lunch for Violet and someone stole Julie’s cell phone.

When I got home, David was in his apartment and I couldn’t have been happier to see him. He must have sensed my fragile condition and he was extremely nice to me.

Maybe today will be better.

4 thoughts on “219. Take that snake and shove it up your ass.

  1. Mattie…..Please take the ring off !!! It will help you to face the reality. It’s hard but it is really happening. Just my opinion of course, It only took me over 10 years to get over my own divorce and I will never be over mourning the good times. But it’s a reality and you will have an even better life. I love you Mattie.

  2. Oh lordy, Mattie. It sounds like a horrible weekend. Well, maybe not horrible, but unpleasant anyway. I think your new bed sharing rule should be that if it ain’t Hugh Jackman, they ain’t getting in. Period. Sorry to hear that Julie’s phone was stolen. What’s up with people these days? No matter what, you are going to be ok.

    I am about to wander down to my condo’s pool wearing pajama bottoms and a t-shirt with a Chistmas tree on it. I will not be sharing my bed with Hugh Jackman tonight either.

  3. Even a sleepless night with good family is still a good night 🙂 I hope you’re back on even keel and well rested now.

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