224 Take this sky and shove it.

I cried 2 times this morning.

Once when I spoke to my broker about my money situation and the other time with relief when I realized that I didn’t have to go on the voyage through the cosmic crapland that is the Planetarium again today.

Half the day yesterday was spent with Violet lying on the floor  taking pictures of a black ceiling and Julie trying to answer her emails on her iphone since her computer died.

First of all it cost an arm and a leg to get in there even with my old person’s discount.

Now I remember the Planetarium as being a dark room with comfortable seats that you could sit in and admire the show or catch forty winks, whichever you desire.

No such luck. If you wanted said experience it cost more money, namely the body that connects the arm and leg you already paid to get into the place or as the woman in the gift shop said “If you wanna sit down ya gotta pay”

What they had for your entrance fee was a load of  holes you can look through and rocks you could touch and displays of some planet that used to be a moth.

Violet seemed to love it and Julie couldn’t get enough of photographing signs that said  “Gaseous mixtures” or Uranus.

The only slightly bearable part was a 4 minute experience of the Big Bang narrated by Liam Neeson which was hard to hear because the woman standing next to me kept  cracking her gum. If it wasn’t for me and Julie doing a chain of  “Not bad getting banged by Liam Neeson” chatter on the way out even that would have been a bust.

I’m not sure what I’m doing today but whatever it is my eyes will be looking downward the whole time.

3 thoughts on “224 Take this sky and shove it.

  1. Yippie, you’re back online 🙂

    Sorry you had such a bust at the planetarium, I remember them like you as being relaxing. Maybe you should come to ours in Florida, I’m sure it’s more relaxed than your’s in the City.

      • Ah yes, the planetarium! I can’t think of anyone else who I would want to be there with other then you, so many things to cut up about. What I remember from years ago taking (Evan & Max) is that there is always a Gift Shop right at the Exit door, you can’t get OUT without going through the F—ing Shop! And if you are not willing to just hand over your wallet to the cashier (who looks so bored & tired of listening to parents yelling at their kids), you better be ready for a scene with your kid, who really doesn’t need one more plastic cylinder filled with confetti! Love You Mattie – Teresa

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