225. In New York City you find the Algonquin Round Table on every corner

I went to American Express to cash in some foreign money for Stephanie. She and her husband Terry have no doubt been collecting it for a million years because much of it couldn’t be cashed because either the country was now on euros or they were old bills.

While I was there I came upon one of my favorite things. A story or conversation that was so perfectly boring that it became an art form.

It seems that one of the AE workers had gone to the cupcake store and brought back a cupcake for one of her co workers at his request.

I know I can recall it because every one of the sentences was said at least 3 times. Even my saying that rather than stating it the correct number of time steals some of the beauty of the exchange.

“They didn’t have the one you told me you wanted but this one seemed to be most like it. I thought of calling you but I didn’t want to bother you and I said to myself “I’ll take a chance and if he doesn’t like it I’ll eat it myself” so you don’t have to pay me for it. I can save it and eat it tomorrow because I’m a chocoholic. that’s in case you decide you don’t want it.”

“That’s okay, I’ll take it.”

“Because you don’t have to take it. I can eat it tomorrow. I’ll just wrap it up and then I can eat it in the afternoon tomorrow. I thought “Should I call him and see if he’d like this one but I said no I’ll take a chance” but if you don’t want it I can eat it tomorrow.

“No I’d really like it but if you prefer to keep it that’s okay”

“Well if you don’t want it I can keep it but I think you’ll like it. It’s all chocolate even inside, I’m a real chocoholic so if you change your mind… ”

The guy took the cupcake which was $4.50 but he told her to keep the change.

“Are you sure? It might have been a little more than $4.50 with the tax.”

I had to leave so I never found out how it went with the cupcake because I heard her asking if he liked it and he said he hadn’t tasted it yet but he was looking forward to it.

7 thoughts on “225. In New York City you find the Algonquin Round Table on every corner

  1. Wow. You don’t miss a trick. I’d follow up tomorrow. Maybe he only ate half of the cupcake. I think I have a few drachma in a jar somewhere. I may hang on to it.

  2. Perfectly captured. When I’m forced to hear a conversation like that I veer wildly between fascination, merriment, and the desire to scream OH GOD SHUT UUUUUP!! Well done.

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