237. I’m having a pretty good day today so I’m boring.

Yesterday was the first day Susan was alone after Allan went to Hong Kong so we spent one of our great days together. We really didn’t do much but that doesn’t matter because we always have so much fun together.

Sue was particularly glad to see me  because Al had gotten on the plane with the only key to their car. Even the act of arranging for a new key added to our day. We truly don’t care what we do. It’s still all good.

Did I mention that I heard from Captain Hugh the other day?

The caller ID showed Bahamas so I knew it was him but I wondered why he was calling.

Although he stretches the concept of holidays, He never calls just to call. It wasn’t even Flag Day so why was he calling?

I picked up the phone and gave my usual “How ya doing Captain?”

“Tomorrow’s my 80th birthday”

It’s funny I’ve always wondered how old he was. He seemed ageless.

After chatting awhile, I sent him some money and wished him many more good years.

He’s one of the people that has added only good to my  life.

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