238. The people in first class can peek at the people in coach but the reverse is a no go.

There will be a Memorial Service for Liz’s mom, Nan in Santa Fe and I’m going.

The term memorial is a strange one. No one who has met Nan even once could ever forget her so this will no doubt  be a celebration of her life rather than a memorial.

Anyway I’m booking flights and a hotel.

I was expecting to fly there by myself when I got a very warm and welcoming offer from David yesterday.

A list of his flights with the following message.

“The above is provided only for your information, and should not be regarded as a solicitation for you to book passage on these flights. I am completely indifferent, but should you choose to do so I will be pleased to provide transportation to and from LGA.


I ran over to his house to book my flights and he was on the phone with American Airlines confirming his travel. I asked him to do mine too.

Since he has mileage up the ass we are actually traveling on the same plane with me in coach and him in first class. When he told me that he would throw me a croissant I insisted on speaking to the airline guy. I begged him to upgrade me. I explained that I had been dumped by my husband, I was a senior citizen and that David was not a nice person.

I had to make my plea in the kitchen because David, Mr. Mature, kept making howling sounds from the couch.

Anyway my pleas fell on deaf ears. The guy did offer to put David in coach with me but you can imagine how that was greeted.

Next we discussed the hotel. At Liz and her dad’s  suggestion, I had made a reservation at a hotel near their house.

David told me that that was a bad idea. He said that if I stay in town, I would be closer to shops etc. and if I wanted to come to the house he would pick me up.

I did mention that I didn’t want to be intrusive and make Liz feel that she had to take care of me. You almost had to peel David off the floor when I said that. He can be very cruel.

Anyway I thought he might be right so I booked a town hotel. I will cancel the other reservation today.

Only as I was falling asleep last night did I recognize that depending on David’s willingness to pick me up and bring me to the house might be a mistake.

There’s a good chance I won’t see Liz at all.

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