239.Theme for today’s blog, empanadas, raw chicken, meatloaf and theft.

Susan and I had dinner with an old friend last night. Daisy Martinez from the cooking show,”Daisy Cooks”. If you’ve ever had empanadas at my house , I got the recipe from Daisy.

Actually if you’ve ever had empanadas at my house you were in the wrong house because I never made anything that tricky.

I hadn’t seen Daisy in about 10 years except on TV. I was unhappy to note that she looks more beautiful today than the last time I saw her. If it wasn’t for that I’d have been really glad to reconnect with her because she’s a laugh a minute.

This morning David came to my door with a request.

He said that he needed me to put some chicken that he left out to thaw in the refrigerator at around noon. Since, as he says, he hates to be indebted to me for anything because then I feel free to stick to him like gum on a shoe, he brought me a piece of his homemade meatloaf.

He does make the best meatloaf I ever ate, as opposed to the rest of his hillbilly fare, which invariably has the word “pone” in it’s name.

I keep hearing from people that think I’m in Santa Fe.  I’m not going until next month. I’m sure I’ll write about it when I go.

On the way there there is a 2 hour wait in one of those funny states before boarding our second plane to our final destination and David has told me that he will let me go with him to the fancy first class lounge .

I’m going to load my pockets with all the free eats they have there so I won’t need to get room service or use the mini bar when I get to my hotel.  Sounds like a plan.

3 thoughts on “239.Theme for today’s blog, empanadas, raw chicken, meatloaf and theft.

  1. I remember Daisy…….If I’m not mistaken, she had a couple empanadas of her own! Yes, she was beautiful and spirited. I’ll never forget her!

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