240. If I win a visit to meet Obama I can bring a friend. I’m thinkin’ David.

So the Iphone 5 is out.

This would make me happy except for one thing.

It’s connectors aren’t the same as the the old connectors so if I want to charge  it in my car or attach it to my computer I will have to get all new connectors. Pretty soon every Apple connector we have will go the way of the floppy disk. First it will be hard to use and then it will be impossible to use. They make it seem like no big thing because they say there is a thing you can buy to make the old connector usable. Guess how long that’ll be around?

My head is hurting from all this but since I already opened my brain I think I’ll talk about something else smart.

I got an email from Beyonce today.

She said that she admits that she doesn’t usually write to me but this is something special. If I donate $25 to President Obama there is a good chance that I and a guest be invited to a function, date to be named later, with her and Jay Z to meet the President in New York. Hotel and plane fare will be taken care of although that won’t be necessary in my case.

I can’t imagine 3 people I’d rather hang with but what are my chances of winning?

$25 is a lot of money. However I am an optimist . I often buy lottery tickets and that has proven to have a very poor return in my case.

What to do? What to do?

And say I send the $25 and I win and the date to be named later is the night of one of the Housewives shows or even worse one of those end of season things where they all yell at each other.

Decisions, decisions.  This blog is getting way too hard on my grey matter to continue. Sometimes I’m just way too intellectual for my own good.

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