260 On the road again….

So far so stinky.

I just got thrown out of the Admiral’s Club.


Slinking out of there with my carryon and my sleep machine plus my pocketbook and a jacket wasn’t my finest moment.

As I was leaving I saved a little face by yelling back “what a bunch of Snootheads” before I entered the elevator.  Unfortunately the door didn’t close right away so we just stared at each other until I broke eye contact.

Then on to gate D2 with the rest of the riff raff.

I don’t know what I expected First Class to be but it wasn’t this.

The seats are close together kind of like regular seats were when I used to fly many years ago.

We just took off.

I think my tranquilizer kicked in because I’m not screaming.

More later.

The second plane looked like a mosquito but it was newer than the first plane so I was fine.

Actually the flying part wasn’t bad at all and then I got to Santa Fe.

I never loved anyplace this much. It looks like another country.

Liz took me all around. All you saw was wonderful pottery, jewelry and clothes.

I hope I can find someplace where they sell refrigerator magnets.

6 thoughts on “260 On the road again….

  1. Pooh pooh to those who kicked you out of the Admiral’s Club! Glad that you arrived intact in Sante Fe and that you love it. Enjoy your time with Liz et al and if you find fridge magnets, buy a ton and stick them in carry-on luggage! Should make for an interesting security screening on the return flight home. Just kidding…have fun 🙂

  2. Mattie, I am to assume you are there in Sante Fe? The weather should be lovely unless you like cold, rain and wind! I hear what you are saying about the plane looking like a Mosquito, most of the planes that fly around the Portland Or area are what I always say like riding on the back of a BEE! And too low in the air so your head feels like it is going to explode! Have a great time and maybe you will run into Dana (at the Hotel, Evan’s friend?) Can’t wait to see you in November, wine & dine and talk about all the “native american art shit you saw in SF).
    Big Hug – T

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