262. I think I may be too snooty for my old friends now.

Today I had breakfast with the former Ambassador to Belgium and his wife who it turns out is a Hollywood bigwig AND HE PAID!  They didn’t even ask me to leave the tip. Classy!!

Plus I bet I could have ordered anything I wanted. I probably could’ve had chicken parm with a side of steak and they wouldn’t have blinked. Yep that’s the circles I’m traveling in now.

They are very good friends of Liz and her parents so I was very careful to put on my best manners. I didn’t want to embarrass Lizzie or heaven forbid, her father. So I started off easy asking him to describe a day in the life of an Ambassador.

Did you know that even if they’re having a great time at a party they have to leave early because no one can make an exit before they do?

Then with a great deal of subtlety I began grilling him on anything he knew about former Presidents, Vice Presidents etc. Actually the guy was a little closed mouthed but since he and his wife are my new best friends it’s only a matter of time before they invite me for dinner or even a sleep over and I’m sure he’ll loosen up.

Anyway when Mr Ambassador (I believe that’s his official title) excused himself to go to the can I turned my attention to his wife who is truly Hollywood royalty.

Since I subscribe to both People and Us I feel that we had a great deal in common. I had barely gotten to asking about what Frank Sinatra was really like when, much to her disappointment (I could tell) he husband returned and they had to run for their plane.

They said something like “We must meet again” as they were leaving so while they were rushing off I shouted my email address at them several times so they could commit it to memory.

I’m pretty sure he’ll remember it. You can’t represent the good old U S of A in a foreign country if  you don’t have a good memory.

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