263. Traaaaa Laaaaa!!!

Last night was Julie’s first reading for her new book “Friendkeeping”.

Naturally she was wonderful.

I spent the day driving her around the city getting her hair done and picking up stuff, like Violet, her kid.

My sister Marcia and I decided to lighten up the day and help pass the time by singing at the top of our voices any song that had to do with friends.  When I saw that Violet was embarrassed by it I thought I’d increase her discomfort by opening all the windows so passerbys could hear us.

Obviously she has our genes because during Julie’s reading, Violetta went up to the stage and suggested to her mother that she let us come up and sing.

For some reason, Julie decided to give that a pass. Not that I would have done it since when we were little girls and tried to sing together, Marcia would hit me in the back of the head because I couldn’t harmonize.

Oh yeah and because we sing like crows.

3 thoughts on “263. Traaaaa Laaaaa!!!

  1. *…and picking up stuff, like Violet…* Love that 🙂 Glad Julie’s reading went well. Friendkeeping and her prior 3 books releases are all my Christmas List this year (please don’t judge, I just recently found out about you both) and just so I’m not disappointed come Christmas morning, they are also on my dog’s Christmas list. He always gets what he wants.

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