278. Oh Woe is her

Today may just be a good day.

I”m going up to see Steph’s new puppy. I hope he’s cute.

Last night David, my niece Laura’s boy, Scott and I went out to dinner.

Scott has been staying with me on and off for the past few weeks waiting to move into his new apartment.

He is without doubt the best kid I ever met. He cleans, he insists on taking me out to dinner and does a million little things to make my life easier.

He does make me feel a little old though. We were watching TV and I said “I’m going to get myself a banana. Do you want one?”

He immediately jumped up and got me a banana. I realized then that he must see me as pretty feeble.


Ah maybe I am.

I figure loaning me this kid is Laura’s way of repaying me for stopping the carnival ride when she was crying and cutting her nails without hurting her (my sister did it too fast) and putting mustard on every inch of the bread on her bologna sandwich.

I guess she decided to overlook the making her cry because she wasn’t taller than Stephanie thing. And even though I’ve gotten a load of criticism about that it wasn’t my fault. The girl cried at the drop of a hat.

By the way, after reading  David’s comments on my last blog Liz sent him the following email:


This time your email address appears!! Next time , somehow you will manage to put our home address and phone number.

Poor Liz, she keeps hoping that no one who reads my blog will know that the David I write about is the person she’s chosen to spend her life with.

4 thoughts on “278. Oh Woe is her

  1. I do forgive you for making me cry at a drop of a hat, you truly are the best mustard spreader, and I too know how to stop a carnival ride because you showed me it was possible. You are the best.

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