290. I think that Donald Fagen may be secretly in love with me.

This will be an interesting week.

I”m going to the east village club, Drom, twice.

Once to hear Joe Caro with Lew Soloff and Randy Brecker and on Saturday I’m going to hear the adorable Duke Gadd.

I still remember Duke as a toddler standing up close to the TV rocking to Tina Turner videos. He was sooo cute then and he’s double cute now.

I just read the last two sentences and though the mention of an east village club seemed hip I jewed it up by adding the old lady kvelling about how cute everyone is.


In planning my outfits for these outings I realize that even though I love them I can’t wear my wedding rings to these functions.


If I do then people will look at me with eyes of pity. Most of them will keep it to themselves  and just think of me as a pathetic schmuck but Lew Soloff is bound to call me on it.

The man does speak his piece. The second I write anything loser like I get an email or a phonecall. I love that he cares though.

I do have many people who encourage me.

Just last week I got the most touching gift from JIm and Grace Pugh who plays with Steely Dan, Jim not Grace, although I’m sure she could. It seems like a trombone shouldn’t be that hard to play. It doesn’t have all those little buttons.

I digress

It was an itunes song by Donald Fagen called “I’m Not the Same Without You”.

When I first saw the title I was shocked for obvious reasons. But when I listened to the song it was as if it was written for me.

“I feel much stronger than I have in years” is only part of the song.

I just realized. If Jim and Grace see me like this, maybe I won’t be viewed as pathetic.

But I’ll lose the wedding rings just  in case.

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