291. I love the nightlife. I like to boogie

I did go out last night to hear Joe Caro’s band.

It was terrific and the joint was jammed with so many musicians I know.

Most of them already knew about me and dave but a few didn’t.

When I told them I had to keep insisting that I wasn’t kidding.

I really did have a wonderful time but I learned something. One drink or all I want to do is go home to bed.

I just realized I haven’t learned anything because I think I wrote that a few days ago.

Oh well.

There are 3 apartments on my floor, mine, David and Liz’s and Rupert, and a lovely french family and their long haired dachshund named Chicago but I call her Noodles for obvious reasons.

Liz and Rupe are in Santa Fe.

I got a call the other day from the french woman that there was a death in her family so would I mind Noodles for 4 days. Obviously I said “What are you nuts? I got a life”.

But since I don’t, what I really said was “Certainly”.

Puppies are not like old dogs.

Rupert gets in to bed and that’s that. Sometimes you even have to shake him in the morning.

The first night Noodles spent the whole time humping me while I tried to sleep.


I have to leave the terrace door open so she can go out and make at will. Don’t ask how cold my apartment is.

But the good thing is that I have beautifully trained her so when they get back they’ll have a dog that stands on the dining room table and expects to be fed whenever the people in her life eat.


It’s a miracle that I can accomplish that in only 4 days.

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