326. Am I a saint? Probably not. But am I saintly? I think yes.

I woke up really happy today. I wonder why.

Maybe it’s because I’m having dinner with Julie tonight and dave just sent me an email telling me he’s sending me some money.

If you read this blog from the beginning you can only come to the conclusion that I was blameless in the breakup of my marriage. However once in a blue moon something comes up that may suggest that I wasn’t totally the perfect wife.

I was looking at facebook and if you go to your own page and scroll down you can look at all that you’ve written. I just did that.

I noticed an entry I made in March of 2011 only a few months before dave told me he was going steady. It said:

“I can say anything I want to my husband as long as I don’t use a bossy tone.
So now in my sweetest voice I am going to tell him what a shit kicking half wit he is because he insists that “w” is a vowel. If you’re wondering where the shit kicking comes from, he was educated in Kentucky.”

A little harsh? Maybe. And am I painting the whole state of Kentucky with my unfortunate brush of intolerance? Possibly. Do I regret it? Certainly.

If I had  it to do over again I’d have punctuated it with a shiv.


2 thoughts on “326. Am I a saint? Probably not. But am I saintly? I think yes.

  1. I was educated in Tennessee and we used the same books. I’m sure shit-kicking is a perfectly acceptable adjective, as in “That was some shit-kicking chili” so a descriptor of the aforementioned half-wit would be absolutely appropriate 🙂

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