328. When will I learn the risk in reaching for the stars?

I’ve been obsessed with the Red Lobster ads for Lobsterpalooza.

Though I’ve never actually been to a Red Lobster, I saw this ad campaign as a personal invitation. I sent a missive out to my near and dear about it asking Julie, Stephanie, Susan and Liz (even though she is in Santa Fe I couldn’t see leaving her out) who would like to share in what is sure to be a palooza to end all paloozas?

The only response that wasn’t half assed came from Stephanie. Since I was going up to visit her today anyway she said we’d make a celebration of it and go to Red Lobster.

I would like to tell you that I was looking forward to it but that wouldn’t be exactly true. Actually I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!!


In preparation, I combed the internet looking for coupons. If we could save a bit of money, the experience would be even better.

I did find one that promised that if we order 2 entrees from the Lobsterpalooza menu, one free appetizer would be ours. Download and Print! The gods are smiling on us.

I almost couldn’t sleep last night. I was up at 6 a.m. and was dressed before you could say “Pass me the bib”.

When I got to Stephanie’s house at around 11:00 she was as excited as I was.  We were both really hungry. Unless we’re projectile vomiting, everyone in my family is always really hungry.  She finished feeding her horses, donkeys and dogs lunch and off we went.

Even though we didn’t feel the need to dress we both did wear spandex because if you add a palooza to something, good eatin’ is more than suggested, it’s guaranteed.

Now I know all of you are waiting for me to tell you what we ate and how it was. I’m not going to do that because this kind of thing is a matter of taste. One man’s cheese biscuit is another man’s greasy ball of crap.

It should be enough to say that we clearly got our money’s worth. The place was lovely and the waitress was so sweet and accommodating that I’d make a return visit just to spend time with her.

One important thing has come out of this. Just as Richard Nixon took the glow off the Office of the President, so too did adding a palooza to what we had for lunch forever tarnish the huzzahs that used to be attached to the addition of that word to any other word.

So if I eat any dinner tonight at all it will probably be Cheeriospalooza and afterwards I’m going  to plop into my chairpalooza to watch TVpalooza.

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