359. God on a GED

I seem to be on a religious theme this week. Today we are discussing Easter. Why Easter? Why now? Because I was waiting for David to leave the country.

He was so hot under the collar last week after attending Easter services that I didn’t want to upset him by writing about it and have to listen to his rant again.

He chose the church he would go to carefully. He wouldn’t consider a Catholic church. Too much up and down stuff plus he’s not , heaven forbid, Catholic. I’m not exactly sure what he is. According to my mother, anyone who wasn’t Jewish was Catholic so all those other religions somewhat blend in to me. Maybe not Buddhist but I’m not really sure.

Anyway on Easter he and I were “sharing the morning” when he informed me that we had to cut it short because he wanted to put on his finery and go to Church.

When next I saw him I asked  him how his communion with God was. Big mistake.

He was fit to be tied.

“I purposely picked the most high falutin church in town” I don’t really think he said high falutin but this was awhile ago and  my memory isn’t what it once was.

The point he was making was  that he purposely went to Christ Church on 60th and Park so that he wouldn’t have to rub elbows with anyone who made less that a mill a year when he was slapped in the face with a dumbing down of the Lord’s Prayer.

Yes you heard me. No longer would He “Forgive our trespasses”, now He would forgive our “wrongs” or something like that. There were other changes that I would like to talk about but he had ripped up the program into teeny pieces so I’ll just have to try and remember the rest. I’m sort of remembering “Give us this day our daily taco” but I could be wrong.

Anyway David would have none of this. He told me that he said the prayer “correctly” in a very loud voice so that the “uninformed” would hear God’s words as they were meant to be spoken.


And spoken by a guy who thinks, no “knows”  he’s got His ear.

4 thoughts on “359. God on a GED

  1. Clearly Mattie and her Mother shared a common lack of any knowledge regarding the development if western civilization. Catholic indeed!! Ever hear of the Reformation? One of the seismic events in all of world history!!
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