377. A New York Mystery

I had a lovely evening with my niece Julie last night.

In order to get home I have to take 2 buses. There is a small supermarket near the second bus stop.

The bus wasn’t there and I needed milk so I went in.

There was a bum holding the door and a paper cup for the in and outgoing patrons with a friendly, “Have a nice day”.

I don’t want any lip about calling him a bum instead of the more pc “homeless man”. I have no idea whether he’s homeless or not and I don’t want to label him as such. Besides, ever since the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to LA I use the word “bum” whenever I can.

I thanked him on the way in and bought my milk. I had 53 cents change and I put it in his cup on the way out.

I saw that the bus was arriving and I started walking quickly towards the stop.

He, the bum, yelled to the bus driver “Hold the bus” and ran ahead  of me. I told him not to worry, that I’d make it in time.

He reached the bus and got on.

I felt a little silly because he was clearly holding the bus for himself, not me.

(I’m using the word “bus” a lot aren’t I?)

He put his metro card in the slot, turned around and got off the bus while saying to me “I paid your fare”. He walked away before I absorbed it.


I told 2 people about it last night. Julie whose reaction was a shocked “Hey are you a bum or aren’t you?” and David who believes he was put on this earth to make me feel bad who said that the guy was probably trying to shame me for being so cheap not to give him a dollar.

Speaking of David, I have to go now. I just heard a thump. I think he threw a bagel at my door.

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