392. Step 1. Don’t press “reply all” unless you want one of “all” to know what an asshole you think they are.

I was going to write a blog called  “Ouchy Ouchy Ouch Ouch” but something better came along.

I’ve mentioned that dave and I have had some problem dividing our pension.  There have been emails flying back and forth between my lawyer, our accountant and the pension guy with little satisfaction.

While I was in the hospital yesterday waiting for the doctor to gouge a hole in my eye I received an email from dave referring to the pension guy saying :

Fuck this guy. If he cannot divide our pension asap, can we get someone else?

I told him I’d look into it tomorrow.

This morning I got another email from dave saying:

Dear Jim;
Please forgive the unprofessional, inappropriate and insulting language in my last email.
I had had a little bit too much Japanese sake, and I was frustrated about what I perceived to be the slow pace of the QDRO proceedings.
I am quite aware that you are a professional, and are taking care of this issue as quickly as is possible.
Please accept my sincere apology.
David Matthews

I looked back at the original email and saw that dave had sent his first note to everyone and only discovered that when one of those automatic emails came saying that the pension guy, Jim, would be out of the office but would answer the email on his return. I can only imagine how he felt.

I have to admit that I took pity on him and sent a letter to all saying:

Am I to gather from this that Dave’s  last email went to everyone ?
Please forgive him. He’s got some fidelity issues but he’s not a bad person.

Thanks, Mattie

It was so nice to see that for once, dave was the one with the willies.

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