394. Wanna get a tattoo? Sure I’m game!

Remember when I said I was getting a new personality? Well I think I did.

Whenever anyone says “Do you want to….”,  my immediate answer is no.  I always need to plan things in advance.

But twice this weekend I went to Brooklyn on a dime. And the earth went right on spinning.

There’s no telling what adventures are in store for me now that I’m “devil may care”.

Here’s some good news. Miss Liz and Rupert are coming home next week.

Last night David said he would like to take Lizzie out of town while she’s here and leave Rupert with me.

“You can go anyplace you want but you’re taking Rupert with you.” I had just told him how footloose and fancy free I’ve become so I can’t be tied down in any way.

Here’s something that will make you really hate David. He never mentions Rupert without using the term “yappy little weasel”.

“Oh we aren’t taking him. If you won’t mind him we’ll put the yappy little weasel in a kennel”

“Go ahead”

He started to laugh. “I’m calling your bluff.  I know you’d never let him go to a kennel”

He’s right.  Stephanie used to say that she just asked me if I would mind her dog, Willa, as a courtesy  because if I said no she could just drop her off with my doorman and not only would I mind Willa, I would be good to her and I wouldn’t even hate Steph for more than a few days.

But that has nothing to do with whether or not I will mind Rupie or if David and Liz are going away while she’s in town.

Do you know the expression “Man plans, God laughs”?

Well David plans, Liz laughs.

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