395. From now on I will only write about things that are earth shattering

I haven’t written for awhile mainly because nothing of note has happened to me, that is until yesterday.

Let me give you a bit of history.

The new methods of communication have made it unnecessary to leave your house and has put skills that used to be only in the hands of professionals at the fingertips of anyone with a bit of money and some time.

I saw it in the music business first. dave, may he rest in peace, was primarily an arranger. If you wanted to record , even a commercial demo, you would have to hire someone like him to hear the music in his head and put it down on paper so that the musicians could play it.

Once synthesizers and digital recording came along any shlub with no training but a good ear could tinkle around until he or she came up with something pleasing and slap it on a cd.

I could go on with downloading music, movies, books but I won’t.

I’ll just tell you my little story.

dave never wanted to go to the movies so one of the first things I did when he left was go see a flick.

It was a big disappointment. The movie was good but the screen wasn’t that big and the image wasn’t so great.  I have a 46″ HDTV in my bedroom and I sit in a comfortable easy chair. Why would I pay so much money to squeeze into a seat and watch something that would be clearer and more comfortable at home?

The answer? I wouldn’t.

But it seems that some theater owners have done what the music business hasn’t. They made going to the movies a treat.

Yesterday Julie and I went to see “The Heat”.

When we walked into the theater I almost fainted. The rows were about 6 feet apart and each seat was a big velvet lounge chair. We watched the movie with our feet up and our seats back.

BTW the movie was hysterical and if it hadn’t been for the ass wipe sitting next to Julie who sang along with the theme song and explained what was happening on the screen to his half wit girlfriend it would have been perfect.

Of course there is also the 8 dollar box of candy but that’s nothing that anyone with a bra two sizes bigger than they wear and a hand full of peanut m & m’s can’t get around.

3 thoughts on “395. From now on I will only write about things that are earth shattering

  1. Great! Wanna go to a movie? We’ll bring our own candy. XOXCarol C a r o l F r e d e t t e w w w . c a r o l f r e d e t t e . c o m

  2. Hey there! I just saw that movie too, alone (because if I tell B the name of the movie, he will make a face and say “doesn’t sound good to me”, (that is based on just hearing the name!) Now if the title of that movie was “Shakespeare in Heat”, B would buy the tickets ahead of time! I was actually going to send you a note saying check it out, so I am glad to hear you saw it! Thinking of you – Teresa

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