410. Cats and pussies

I just came back from my niece Stephanie’s house. She had an operation on her foot and was really incapacitated so I was helping take care of her.

I’ve told you about this house before. It’s magnificent if you don’t consider cable a necessity.

The day I got there I was sitting on the couch with one of Steph’s cats on my lap thinking, maybe I should get a cat. I wouldn’t feel so bad leaving them alone the way I would if I had a dog, especially if I got two of them .

Then I stepped outside and right in the doorway was a murdered vole.

No cat for me.

One of the things about getting old is you think things like, “I remember when a quart of milk was a quarter”.

If you’re smart you never say these things aloud.  The world changes and you change with it if you have any hope of people wanting to spend time with you.

But every once in awhile something hits you in the face and you can’t help but react.

While I was there I found out something that I had no idea about.

It seems that young women no longer have hair on their pussies.

I couldn’t believe it.  Steph seemed surprised that I was surprised.

I had heard of bikini waxes but no hair at all? It seems like pedophilia to me.

I realized that this needed more investigation but I put it on my back burner until I was able to look into it further.

Surprisingly the opportunity came up almost immediately after I returned home.

I was at David’s house for dinner last night with his sons and his son’s girlfriend.

One of his sons had pictures from a bachelor party he had been to in Vegas and I looked at his cell phone and saw a picture of who I assumed was the soon to be groom with a naked stripper on his head and sure enough this girl was bald as an eagle.

I had no choice but to question the three young people about this new phenomena.

You’d think that of these free thinkers at least one of them would be willing to discuss it but no. Even David who usually encourages me to speak my mind seemed to turn on me.

“Why are you talking about this?  And at dinner?”

“Who else am I gonna ask? I’m assuming that the two boys have seen lots of pussie’s and the girl has one. What’s the big deal?”

Obviously it was a big deal to them.

I decided to cool things down and drop it.

“Did I ever tell you guys that when I was a kid a comic cost ten cents. oh yeah and we didn’t even comb our twats”



11 thoughts on “410. Cats and pussies

  1. That’s what I hear. No worries….if you wait long enough, someday it falls out anyway then you’ll be right in style!

  2. Ok, this one I made Barry read and he was laughing out loud (LOL is how they say it now)! I am with Donna, just wait and you will be in style with no itch!
    Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Funny, I was just taliking to a girlfriend about this, and we decided that the majority of women DON’T shave bald. Maybe a few of the exhibitionists and some others, but not a majority!

    Another thing I think is funny is that these guys would visit a stripper, let her rub her privates all over them, take photos, show them around, and then all of a sudden become modest about haircuts??

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