434. Friends

I started my morning like I always do. Checking my email and catching up with what’s new in Hollywood.

I was perusing an article about Lisa Kudrow when something she said hit home.

She was talking about how her sister saved her.

Q: Was it your older sister who rescued you from being isolated in school?
LK: She did, definitely. Unbelievable of her too, because I was 13 and she was 20. She would find out when our half days were, when everyone would go out to lunch and I would have no one to eat with. She would pick me up and take me to lunch. That’s extraordinary to me. It was just very generous of her to be so sensitive and aware, even though there was nothing anyone could do.

When I was 9 and my sister Iris was 20 and very pregnant with my nephew Barry, my two friends, Beverly and Patricia, didn’t like me any more, I’m sure it was through no fault of my own and also they were counts (spellcheck added the “o” ).

Iris would meet me at Sid’s, the luncheonette that I ate in and sit on the stool next to me so I wouldn’t have to eat alone. I know my mother made her do it but it was sweet nevertheless.

I miss Iris every day. I miss my sister Phyllis too and thank God I still have Marcia who would sit on a stool with me anywhere.

Yesterday I got a surprising email from David. It said

“Let’s have dinner soon!”

I wrote back “Is this some kind of joke?”

“No why would it be? We’ve all had dinner before”

That’s when I realized that our friend Andrea was included in the note. I knew the tone was wrong if it was only to me.

“Oh I didn’t see Andrea. I thought you were talking about the 3 course dinner you owe me for fixing your toilet?

He wrote back “What an idiot”

Now there was no doubt who he was writing that to. The world was back on it’s axis.

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