749. Is that you, own drummer? I hear ya!

Brian and the girls went back to Annapolis. I hated seeing them leave even though when I was looking for my glass of water that was on the table in front of me Brian said “It’s right there you old coot”.  He also told me that I should think before I speak and if it’s a choice between mentioning my cat or keeping silent, mum’s the word.

I was forced to remind him that when he was a toddler, he and I were in the car when he started jumping up and down and crying because he had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t want him to be upset so I  told him he could pee on the floor of my brand new car. Even after all these years I can still see him stopping his rant,  looking at me in surprise and with a slight smile on his face he began to pee. Maybe he should remember that when he thinks about being fresh to me.

That shut him up. He said nothing as I showed the girls photos I’d taken of Elvis eating my curtains.


Cheryl’s still here doing her book things for “Elusion”,  soon to be a motion picture at a theatre near you.

Since Cheryl and her co writer Claudia did much of the writing of this best seller in my apartment, she and I have developed a comfortable living arrangement.

We watch the same TV programs ( That’s a lie. I have to watch all reality TV while she’s sleeping). Well we watch lots of things together . We just get along very well.

On each of her visits we have at least one dinner with David. Cheryl finds him endlessly entertaining and is not even offended at his introducing her as the only person in the family that was perfect until we (the Jews) turned her.

Today she’s out hawking her book while I prepare for a meeting with my accountant. I have to give him the final numbers for my taxes.

I’m thinking he might also appreciate a framed picture of Elvis eating my glasses. In spite of what Brian says, who wouldn’t want that?


4 thoughts on “749. Is that you, own drummer? I hear ya!

  1. dont mess with the nephews, remember I was once sad and there was custurd pie on the kitchen table and you asked me if I would like to throw it in your face

  2. “Endlessly entertaining”?? Now Cheryl too. What do u ladies find so attractive
    about a Jew criticizing gun supporter?? Hello!!!

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