750.My family knows how to have an intellectual discussion of films

Not all great minds think alike.

While my niece Cheryl (Klam) is in town hawking her new book “Elusion” (soon to be a motion picture at a theatre near you) co-written with her friend Claudia (Gabel) we have settled into somewhat of a routine.

At the end of the day we sit in my bedroom and download movies.

I’ve been pushing to see “Don Jon” since my other niece, Stephanie has recommended it so strongly but Cheryl resisted, “I don’t think I’d like it. It looks stupid”.

However after Cheryl made me watch “Kick Ass 2” the other night where the lead character was named “Motherfucker” she lost all credibility with me so she had no choice but to watch “Don Jon”.

I still haven’t heard the last of it.

“This is the worst movie I ever saw” was the nicest thing she had to say about it.

This morning Steph called to see how we liked the movie.

“Me? I liked it but Cheryl hated it”

Steph, never one to suffer fools gladly said “What???? Put her on!?”

I handed Cheryl the phone.

I could hear Steph screaming at her (I always talk on speaker phone so it wasn’t hard).

“What could you possible not like about that movie?”

“Are you kidding? For one thing no character development, but above that, all you see is someone jerking off over and over. How is that entertaining?”

Steph, not used to being contradicted, was forced to get a little cruel.  “Just because you do movies you think you know something about it but you know nothing”

That’s when Cheryl brought out the big guns, so to speak.

“Oh yeah? Well just the other day my 15 year old daughter came home demanding an explanation because while she was in school she found a picture of me on the internet from a movie with Sam Raimi squeezing my boobs. That’s right! The famous movie director, Sam Raimi wearing a fright wig with his hands on MY boobs.  And I spent the rest of the movie with bloody handprints on my tee shirt so I know a little about quality filmmaking. Plus I was a monster in “The Evil Dead.”

After a short silence Steph just said “I stand corrected”


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