762. The glory of being me.

Good news. Seems I’ve been grinding my teeth when I sleep so my dentist has added a night guard to wear under my breathing machine. Now I’m perfectly protected facewise if the ceiling caves in.

Looks like the guy who sells fruit on my corner who’s been eying me in what I consider a come hither fashion will have to be prepared to pay that twenty five bucks for extra carry on if he wants to whisk me away to a tropical island for a romantic weekend.

As for kissing? No can do unless he wants to get his lips bitten off while I’m gasping for air.

Come to think of it it might be worth it to him. I was quite the kisser in my day.

Ah we’ll see. You never know what can happen in the throws of passion.

I was talking to my sister this morning and she mentioned that her husband sent away for a new printer while she was here helping Julie move.

“That was sweet of him” I said

“No it wasn’t” she answered

“No it wasn’t” I corrected.

“Did that mouth guard break your brain?” Even though she’s always been known as the sweet sister she can have a real bite to her when crossed.

“It just that I haven’t had a husband for awhile. I forgot how stupid they are.”

That seemed to placate her.

I’ve been spending my last week getting hacked and changing my password and getting hacked again.

The good part about this is that in the morning when I see I have 28 emails I get all happy because I think I’m popular. When one of them is from the dry cleaner I haven’t used in 20 years telling me to go fuck myself the bubble bursts.

Maybe I’ll give him a call. After all he did answer personally. Let’s see if he’s game for a weekend in the Bahamas.


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