763. I have to admit it. I miss David

My neighbor David is always saying that without him my blog would suck. Being dumped is old news. My cat Elvis is beyond boring. My family interactions are only interesting to the people in my family. These are his words, not mine.

He may be right though. He’s been in Santa Fe with Lizzie for about a week and I can’t think of one thing to write about.

Usually when that happens I walk across the hall and just wait for Obama to give a speech or some law giving minorities the same rights as WASPS to pass and I can count on him to give a summation of what’s wrong with this country and, by the way, me.

Any innocent question like “Is Atlanta on the way to Santa Fe?” can get him going for about 20 minutes.

He delights in pointing out that my geography knowledge is limited which is only true to a point. I’m a sponge. Even though I’m seventy I’m still growing and learning.

Why just the other day someone wrote and told me I have a fan in Kansas.

I went right to my globe and found Kansas smack in the middle of the United States, kinda.

Now it’s my favorite state.

See? I’m evolving while that putz is still looking for Obama’s birth certificate.

13 thoughts on “763. I have to admit it. I miss David

  1. Well at least you looked Kansas up. Today’s young people are woefully ignorant of the geography of the US and don’t care. I was in a AAA office in Syracuse and asked for a triptik to North Loop, NE, (which I knew this young girl wouldn’t know about,) and when she said, “Where is that?” I said “How about Omaha, NE.” She just looked confused and said, “I don’t know where NE is,” and she was working in a travel agency! If you want to rant about something start on the educational system in this country. As a retired teacher I can rant for hours about that.

  2. See? You don’t need David around to be funny. YOU are funny! And I took it upon myself to ask the right questions and induce his rants. My favorite subject is gun control. At 6am yesterday, he was ranting all the way to the Albuquerque airport (that’s in New Mexico, not Mexico) and all I could scream was “SHUT UP”!! He found that argument quite convincing. I was thisclose to making him listen to NPR the entire way.

  3. Mattie and her followers will be delighted to learn that over the Easter weekend I met a guy whom I thought didn’t exist…somebody who makes me look like a moderate from a political standpoint!! This guy hunted 12 of the last 15 weekends and a true dog lover. That is along as the dog can find live birds and retrieve dead ones. Failing their abilility to perform these tasks I feel certain he’d just shoot the dog leave it for the wild pigs and buzzards.

    Now onto politics..he and I have the

  4. Sorry for the break. As I was saying he and I use the same term when referring to Obama and pretty agree on minority quotas, entitlements, Al Sharpton, global warming and fracking. He believes that University of Texas rule that allows admission to students in the top 10% of any high school in Texas allows way too many Asians egghead and Mexicans, when what the school needs is more bullshitters and boys who can find oil.

    Guess what business this guy is in? OIL!!

  5. Please feel free to edit, or maybe delete his comments from now on. And you KNOW he won’t disappear; not with you taunting him all the time.

  6. I was dumped at 73 years old because I couldn’t spin. My feet and legs can’t do it now. My ex-husband decided to dance compete with a younger dancer in his retirement. He never really had any idea what he was going to do in his retirement years. Yes…I as a dutiful wife followed him around for his career an did plenty of spinning when I was younger. They all seem a bit crazy in their old age…or maybe I am.

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