764. I Spoke Too Soon

David is home for one day and we’re at each other’s throats.

First he was furious that I removed the word “Zipperhead” from his comment on yesterday’s blog. True, I didn’t know what the word meant but I know it was an insensitive description of some minority.

Remember folks, I’m trying to keep him somewhat lovable while still giving you an idea of what a dope he is.

Not for him, he couldn’t care less, but every time I quote him exactly I get an immediate call from Liz.

 “Do you realize that people know that he’s my fiancé? How do I explain that if you show what he’s like? Take it off!!”

 And I do.

 But it wasn’t all harsh words. We discuss lots of intellectual things too.

 We talked about fracking.  To tell you the truth I don’t have a clue about what fracking is so I asked him to explain it to me.

 He did, in great detail making it sound logical and absolutely the thing that’s going to save the U.S. economy. He’s very much for it.

 Which is why I’m against it. If he thinks it’s good it’s got to be evil.

 When I told him this he sneered “You are just against it because your sister says it ruins the water. She’s an idiot.”

I should note that the last time Marcia was here they had a vigorous discussion on fracking and haven’t said a nice word about each other since.

 “Well, David, I do value my sister’s opinion above yours because she is good and you stink”

 Now that I think of it, it is nice to have him home.

5 thoughts on “764. I Spoke Too Soon

  1. Ask him about gun control and organic food. Ask him to make a list of people of people he’d like to set on fire. The other day, I said there is FINALLY something we agree upon politically–Di Blasio is a horse’s arse. We’ll see how it turns out. 🙂

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