822. Gobble Gobble

David read my blog yesterday about how Ray sits by his door  so when he got home from work he called and invited us over while he was waiting for his son to arrive so they could go out to dinner. I guess he felt sorry for Ray for being stuck with me all day.

We began our usual Obama chit chat with me applauding the President’s stand on immigration and David saying that he was happy that Obama has finally done something that will put him in prison.

After we wore that one out David asked me if I had begun preparations for Thanksgiving since I’m having 21 people for dinner.

“It’s not till next week. Why would I prepare now?”

“Have you ordered your turkeys?”

“Turkeys? I only need one turkey. I’m making meat loaf too and side dishes and everyone is bringing something. And no I haven’t ordered my one turkey. There are turkeys all over the place. Why would I have trouble getting a turkey?”

“Have you decided on your brine? It takes at least a day to make the stock for the gravy.You must have given that some thought. And as you know it would be a good idea to put butter and herbs under the skin before you cook it”

He saw the blank look on my face and asked “Wait, how do you make a turkey?”

I mimed opening the oven and shoving the bird in.

He rolled his eyes. “Do you at least want my recipe for chestnut stuffing with dried cherries soaked in brandy?”

I smiled.

“You use Stove top stuffing don’t you?”

“For 21 people? Of course not. What do you think I am, a zillionaire? I use Pepperidge Farm”

“It’s like Thanksgiving at Folsom Prison”

I was just about to tell him how cruel that was when his son came in.

“How many turkeys do you think she needs for 21 people?”

He thought a moment “I don’t know, five?”

David laughed

“I don’t think five, I was thinking two so people could have seconds but now I know that won’t be a problem. One is fine. But do me a favor, Mattie, serve a nice Zinfandel. That’s the only wine grape that’s native to America. At least pretend you gave some thought to this”

“Will do. Does it come in a box?”

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