821.Does Anyone Speak Dog?

Because clearly I don’t. I’m thinking I may have been selfish adopting Raymond. I”m not exactly what he wished for when he was in the pound singing “Where is Love”. He wants to run around.

His idea of fun is grabbing on to one of his toys and having  someone else hold the other end while he growls and tries to pull their arms out of the sockets.

I do it but it doesn’t tickle. He’s a boy’s dog. He shouldn’t live with a 70 year old woman. I’m worried that he may be bored.

And it’s not just my imagination. Every time I take out the garbage he rushes over to David’s house and sits in front of his door.

sad Why on earth would he love David? No one loves David. Even his own dog, Rupert, growls whenever he sees him.

It’s all a mystery to me.

Next week is Thanksgiving. The whole family will be coming here and there will be plenty of people to play rough with Raymond. He’ll love it.

But then it will be back to the old boring grind for him. Not that I’m going to do anything about it.

I’m wildly in love with him and whether he likes it or not he’s mine and he’s staying.

That is unless he meets some Japanese dog and goes off to live with her.

6 thoughts on “821.Does Anyone Speak Dog?

  1. Col Parker’s favorite activity of growling and trying to pull human arms out of their sockets comes quite natural to him. As a terrier he was bred to be a “ratter” or “rat baiter.” In late 19th century London the sport of ratting involved placing wagers on how many rats a ratter could kill in an enclosed space over some predetermined time period. At one time there some 70 ratting venues in London. Hopes this aids in your understanding of why the dog likes me.

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