833. My New Year’s Resolution for 2015; Ditto

The new year has begun.

David is back from Santa Fe so I have a drinking buddy again.

He emailed me yesterday from Liz’ house to ask me to tape a football game for him. When I looked at his DVR it was 80% full. I was worried that the game wouldn’t tape so I called him to ask if I should cancel some of the 1950 shit that he has taped. I kid you not, “Rawhide” was one of them and probably the most recent.

His response, “Just mind your own business and tape what I tell you to tape. Leave the rest of it alone.”

Unfortunately he was on speaker phone and my sister Marcia was in the room. Like she doesn’t hate him enough for calling her an idiot for being against fracking. Oh yeah and the racial and religious bigotry doesn’t exactly endear him to her either.

Even Liz screaming at him in the background “She’s doing you a favor, stupid” didn’t help.

I am her baby sister after all. I think I actually saw smoke coming out of her ears.

I didn’t think anything of it myself because he’s never really nice but he has one very useful trait. He truly doesn’t give a shit what I write about him in my blog.

But maybe I should insist that he start treating me with respect or he can just find someone else to pick up his mail and rifle through his private papers when he travels.

13 thoughts on “833. My New Year’s Resolution for 2015; Ditto

  1. Mattie’s concern regarding the DVR capacity was completely disingenuous. She loves to taunt me regarding the programs I choose to record and view in private. Everything else is pretty much true, the exception being her reference to Rawhide. Ignorant the Western TV culture of the early to mid 60s, she confused it with the 22 episodes of the Rifleman that I had chosen to record. This was most likely unintentional.

  2. Oh Mattie, both you and Marcia need to get your hearing checked. David said, “thank you for your everyday kindnesses, oh light of my life.” And David, I told you that you are not allowed to comment!

  3. Ummnnn…..”I should insist he start treating me with respect…”…sounds like a pretty clear New Year’s Resolution to me…jus’ sayin’. Way to go Mattie! Can I borrow it? Lol

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