839 The pain of loving a dog.

Yesterday Ray wasn’t himself. He was listless and he seemed depressed. I wanted to die.


He was eating and everything but he just wasn’t acting normally. Naturally I went right to Leukemia.

When we went over to David’s house for coffee as we do most Sundays, instead of running down the hall he just slowly walked. He didn’t twirl once.

David was alarmed. He kept saying “He just ain’t right.”

It reminded me why I shouldn’t have a pet. I suffer so much when they’re sick.

Since his symptoms were vague I went to Facebook for advice. That is after calling my sister and Julie to see what they thought.

Luckily one girl who I really trust because she has a goose and bees wrote right back to me with test questions. Is his stomach distended? Does he seem in pain? No and no.

She did advise me to save his stool so if I take him to the vet I’d have it to give him.

He did seem better at the end of the day.

We went to David’s for cocktails. Ray didn’t run but he did walk down the hall at a steady gait. He seemed better.

Though David felt he wasn’t totally okay he saw that he was improving.

While we were talking I mentioned that I had saved Ray’s stool and put it in the refrigerator.

“You what?”

I knew he heard so I didn’t feel any need to repeat myself.

“That is so disgusting I don’t even know what to say. Shit in the refrigerator?”

“It’s in a plastic bag. I know it’s there. No one’s going to eat it by mistake.”

“It’s freezing outside. Why didn’t you put it on the terrace?”

“You may be right. After all I am pretty forgetful lately. I’ll move it. Better safe than sorry”

“Don’t let anyone know you put shit in the refrigerator.” He kept looking like he was going to throw up.

“Too late. I put it on Facebook”

“There is absolutely no hope for you.” He made a gagging face.

Ray and I decided that we didn’t want to stay where we weren’t appreciated so we went home.

I didn’t start breathing normally until this morning when Ray seemed better and ate his eggs.

Maybe later I’ll invite David over for some chocolate pudding.

12 thoughts on “839 The pain of loving a dog.

  1. Mattie refuses to eat in a restaurant with a “B” rating, yet she finds it perfectly acceptable to place feces from a ill dog in her refrigerator!! What kind of mind are we dealing with ?? This is even beyond what I thought Mattie capable of!!

  2. whoa, this is getting too exciting for me! I personally am with you Mattie (plastic zip-lock bag sounds good to me & when it is your dog, not that far from a child, one will do anything no matter shit, vomit, whatever slimy thing filled with bacteria, no problem) the most important thing is the health of the loved one! Maybe just don’t share with “David” hope it is okay to use his real name? You are there for Ray and do whatever it takes to make you two comfortable & healthy! I do have to say from what I have heard (out here in palmy Portland OR, which is very crazy weather wise, go figure 55 degrees here & freezing in NY, something ain’t right) But if it is fucking freezing cold in NY, shit on the Terrace is not a bad plan. I do hope Ray is okay and please keep us posted and send us some of your snow!!
    Love Teresa

  3. I personally thought it was extremely logical to put it in the fridge, Mattie. Of course, I have 6 furbabies… so that may have coloured my perception somewhat…
    I do love your stories!
    Hugs to you and puppy kisses to Ray from the barking tribe here. Glad he’s feeling better!

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