842. Something great happened to me

My story “67 & Dumped: On Her Own in Rome,” for Yahoo Travel won a Bronze Prize in the NATJA, North American Travel Journalists Assoc., awards: for the category 50 + Travel.

I’m not new to winning prizes, in 1953 I was awarded 3 Howdy Doody spoons in a hard won fight in Shopwell, the local supermarket. I call it hard won because they could have pulled any paper out of that box.

My specialness was noticed even though I myself didn’t enter my name. A friend (my mom) did it for me.

But I’m thinking this might be better.

I know you’re all wanting to know, “What were you doing when you heard you won this incredible honor”

I was either reading Dostoyevsky to see where I could hone my writing skills or I was talking to my friend since the 6th grade, Sue trying to find people from our past on Facebook. Sometimes you just want to connect with a guy you went out with who kept twirling you around on the dance floor so he could see himself in the mirror.

Luckily it was the latter because now that I am an award winning writer I can see that Dostoyevsky has nuthin on me.

I’m actually so happy and proud. Although I’ve been writing songs, music or sailing articles etc for years it was never my passion.

Writing this blog is and when Paula Froelich at Yahoo Travel gave me the opportunity to write for them for money I couldn’t believe it.

This award is the icing on the cake.

I know I keep saying how happy I am but I’m really happy.

I’m not going to let this go to my head.

It’s only logical that the friends and family of an award winning writer should not be able to just drop in with no appointment.

I might well be thinking.

BTW does anyone know if any Nobel Prizes have been given to stories that have the word “doody” in them?

25 thoughts on “842. Something great happened to me

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! That is so wonderful and something to very happy about. I am not surprised you won, you bring so much life & laughter to so many of us via your funny, honest, risky, heartfelt, provocative and much needed Blog!
    Cheers to you Mattie!! Love Teresa

    BTW do you think they could add a new car to the Bronze!

  2. I’m So happy for you! I get so much crap in my in box it takes an eternity to delete but I can wait to read your blog when I see it come in!!!

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