843. My Valentine Sweetheart

My Valentine Sweetheart happens to be the same guy who is my Christmas Sweetheart, My Easter Sweetheart and my National Tree Day Sweetheart.

His name is Captain Hugh.

For those of you who haven’t read my whole blog, I got custody of the Captain in the divorce.

About 15 or more years ago we left our sailboat in the Bahamas. Captain Hugh lived in the marina and kind of adopted us.

He was wonderful. When we needed something done on the boat we’d do it through him and he’d see that it was done right and at a reasonable price. He’d worry about us when we took the boat out and was always waiting for us on the dock when we got back.

Though he never asked and we never mentioned it, his boat had no heat or hot water so he stayed on our boat when we went home and when we returned the boat was immaculate and empty of any liquor because as he said sadly “During hurricane season you can’t keep these guys (his friends) away from the drink”

The Captain was an old gentleman. His clothes were kind of shabby but always clean and nicely pressed.

One day Captain Hugh called and told us that the customs man had been around and if we didn’t get our boat out of the Bahamas we’d be fined.

This just showed what kind of man he is. It certainly wasn’t in his best interest to tell us this. He’d been making money from us for awhile.

Anyway we wished him well and had our friends pick up the boat and sail it back. I was way too afraid to go across the ocean.

At that time both dave and I thought that we’d never hear from him again but that didn’t happen to be the case.

On every holiday for the past 15 or so years we’d get a call from Captain Hugh. I use the word “holiday” loosely. Sure he’d call on Christmas but he’d also call on Mother’s Day and any other day that someone in the world gave a name to.

“Happy (put your holiday here), Mattie”

“Same to you Captain. How’re you doing?”

“Not so good, Mattie

“Can I send you a little something to help out?”

“That would be much appreciated”

And I would.

Unfortunately sometimes dave would answer the phone and he’d just send the same good wishes back at the Captain and hang up.

I bet Captain Hugh was happier than anyone that dave no longer lives here to answer the phone.

I hear from him 3 or 4 times a year. His voice has gotten weaker and you can hear his health is failing. He can no longer pick up the money at Western Union so I send it in his nephew’s name now.

This morning the phone rang and when I looked at the caller ID and saw ‘Bahamas” I had to think for a minute before I remembered what holiday it was.

I began to smile. I really love the old guy and I’ll be so sad when the calls stop coming.

Hopefully that won’t be soon.

“Hello Captain, Happy Valentine’s Day. How’re ya feeling?”




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