856. The Trouble With Raymond

I can’t stand when my loved ones aren’t happy.

How do I know they’re happy?  They smile or tell me so. Most of them that is.

Ray is another story.

His basic look is depressed. I’m always trying to figure what I can do to put a smile on that face.

It isn’t the breed. I’ve seen lots of happy looking boston terriers. He’s not one of them. I want to think that he just has a sad resting face, that he isn’t always miserable.

It didn’t help when I was complaining to Stephanie that he should be happier because I saved him from the pound where they were going to kill him, her answer was maybe he doesn’t look at it as you rescued him but that you “took” him.

My imagination goes wild. Does he hate it here? Maybe I’m just not his type. I’ve shown you how he sits by David’s door waiting him to come home from work.


Now David is truly the most unlikable person ever. He isn’t mean to Ray but other than saying hello and letting him sit on the chair with him he pays zero attention to him.

I do everything I can for my dog.

I spent the winter with my terrace door open in -10 degrees weather so in case he wanted to go out he could.

I share my meals and my bed with him

Hell, I let him lick my teeth.

And this past week David was with Liz in Santa Fe so every evening before dinner I’d walk with Ray over to David’s house and let him pretend that his friend is here.

I let him Sit on David’s chair

sitting chair

I let him sit on David’s couch


I let him take a nap in David’s bed


But do you see a smile there? Cause I sure as hell don’t.

I think I’ll take him for a walk now. Maybe we’ll pass some other dogs that he can attack.

He likes to do that.


17 thoughts on “856. The Trouble With Raymond

  1. Aw. Ray is actually ecstatic to be with you. His traumatic childhood makes it hard for him to risk showing his feelings. He’s more at home with David, because as you noted, David is the most unlikable person ever, so where’s the risk in liking him. Ray is simply showing more of his emotional intelligence genius tendencies.

  2. Unrelated question: Why did my comment post on 8 April at 3:07 a.m? In California it is 7 April at 8:10 p.m. What time zone are you in?:)

  3. Maybe if you try another name he might cheer up.. Did you name him or did he come with it? In my experience, most Rays are on the wrong side of the law, no offense intended to your dear doggie. Maybe he just has trouble showing his emotions like many men I know.. We all know what a lucky pooch he is to have you,

  4. I forgot to ask….have you thought about getting another pussycats? Ray might like the company. There are bunches of kittens now in need of homes, I saw a kitty who looked just like Ray the other day.

    • Ray didn’t really like Elvis. Plus I live on the 18th floor and I have a terrace. Elvis used to walk on the outside of the fence. It was terrifying. I’d be afraid to get another cat.

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