866. Rent My House Puleeeze

Ray and I went out to Montauk this weekend.

I haven’t rented my house yet and I can’t believe it. It’s so beautiful.



My main purpose for going out was to check and make sure everything was tip top.

I decided that my living room furniture could use a cleaning so I called all the cleaning services but no go for a holiday weekend. I finally got the name of an off duty East Hampton cop who came over on Friday morning.

His name was Frank. He was just wonderful. He cleaned the furniture and when he saw that I was going to climb up and turn on the outdoor shower, he insisted on doing it for me.

I wasn’t crazy about the fact that I looked so feeble that he didn’t trust me to do it myself but I was also happy that I looked too feeble to do it so I didn’t have to.

I am proud to say that when I noticed the basement sink was stuffed up I took the pump apart and cleaned the filter and made everything work like a charm.

Anyway the next day he called and said I should call him for anything I need “including police stuff”.

I wonder what he meant by that. The only thing I could think of is that if I’m picked up for being drunk and disorderly I should mention his name.

Good to know.

I spent most of the weekend with Susan and Allan.

We went out to dinner and walked our dogs on the golf course at night.

Ray was in heaven except when we were in Susan’s house. He was really scared there. He spent the whole time hiding in the couch and only got down if I carried him to the door.




I couldn’t really blame him.

Susan and Al have a monster in their house . Anyone would be frightened.




5 thoughts on “866. Rent My House Puleeeze

  1. When are you coming back from Montauk? Want to go to your Home Depot to order new window shades. They’re on sale until the 28th? Your Montauk house looks gorgeous! Thanks for the birthday message. Beginning not to want to think about birthdays!😁‼️ XOXOXOXO Ronnie

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  2. Your house looks like a dream except for the knotty pine “eyes” staring at me. When I lived upstate with Schmendrick, the same knotty pine eyes stared at me in the living room, hence my aversion. (I once Wood Preen-ed them in a gesture of domesticity. What a schmuck.) I am in complete agreement with Ray — if that scraggly dust bunny who dances with the vacuum cleaner ever fixed that hairy eyeball on Moi, I’d run screaming all the way to the North Fork.
    I’m absolutely devoted to Ray.

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