868. We must keep on improving if we want to be better than other people.

Here’s why it’s important to have a sister when you live alone.

Tomorrow I’m going with Julie to an event that Dick Cavett will be at.

I was talking to my sister Marcia this morning and I said there are 2 good things about this and one bad thing.


1. I love being with Julie more than any other thing.

2. I talk to myself a lot and one of the things I talk about is what I would ask certain famous people if I were to meet them.

for example:

Billy Joel; What does “Vienna Waits For You” mean?  Met him, got my answer.

Dick Clark; Why didn’t “Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins” continue when at the end of the movie they said it would and it was great. Never met him. Still stymied.

Dick Cavett; You interviewed Jeffrey McDonald, the guy who is in prison for killing his wife and two children. Do you think he did it?

There are plenty more of these so the opportunity to meet one of the people who can answer my question is really good.

There is a side issue to this. I’ve had the opportunity to ask this question before. Dick Cavett has a house in Montauk.

You know, the place where I’ve had a house for over 30 years and due to the fact that my ex husband ran away to be in love, I’ve had to rent it out and none of you fuckers has seen his or her way to spending a lovely, peaceful, fun filled summer in the real happiest place on earth, I’m left in the lurch.

Not to mention that the spineless pieces of shit that came to look at it were scared away by a few carpenter bees and the inability to use the upstairs a/c because there is a bird’s nest under it.

Yeah I’m going to murder a few baby birds in the prime of their lives so you cock suckers won’t sweat a little and anyway that tiny a/c couldn’t cool that big room even if you did make me commit a major nature felony so you’d be fucked anyway and even a moron would know that if they just looked around the room and saw that I have 2 fans there.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I’ve been seeing Dick Cavett in the local store on many a Sunday where we buy the NY Times but I was always too shy to go over and talk to him.

This time I intend to fight my fear and ask him.


I have to leave Ray for a lot of hours.

When I told this to Marcia her reaction was that I’m taking all the joy out of having a dog I love.

I’m staying home way too much because I feel bad leaving him. He’s an old dog and he probably sleeps while I’m out. Plus he’d be dead if it wasn’t for me. And I leave food and the terrace door open so his needs are all taken care of.

I realize that I have to be reminded of this periodically so I can have a good life. That is because I am crazy.

I am turning over a new leaf.

I’m going to Home Depot today with out taking Ray with me in his carriage.

David said I have to buy a new bbq scraper because I’m still using the one he gave me five years ago and it makes him sick.

So much of what I do makes him sick. Remember when I complained about the restaurant next door having a B for cleanliness and he said that I’d have to work for a week to get my kitchen up to a B?

Also I’m looking forward to being with Julie tomorrow with no reservations.

And Susan, see you next week for lunch and a haircut.

One thing that won’t change is my contempt for you bastards that are afraid of a few bees.

You can kiss my ass.



14 thoughts on “868. We must keep on improving if we want to be better than other people.

  1. Much anger, frustration and general disappointment with life expressed in today’s blog. In addition of course to the continued, and more pronounced bizarre comments regarding the dog. Am I the only one who sees this?

  2. Usually I re-read your blogs a few times to laugh as well as admire excellent writing. Neighbor David’s response has left a bad taste in my mouth. Bastard.

  3. Also, according to my Android phone, I’m posting this reply at 2:20 PM. Why does your blog have me posting at 6:19 PM?

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