894. A Day In The Life

So what did you do the other day?


1. Packed a shotgun cleverly

2. Had a fight with my best friend

3. Ate crow

4.Went to a party

  1. David and I were packing his suits when he took his shotgun out of his case and told me he wanted to put it in the box in between his suits. He got all teary eyed while telling me the history of the gun.

It seems that his father had used it the last time they went murdering innocent birds together and though it was not a particularly valuable gun, the fact that it was passed down from father to son made it a treasure to  him and he would never part with it.

I told him that though Jews rarely pass guns down to their children, I too had things that were truly valuable to me that I got from my mother. For example the diamond earrings that she always wore and if it wasn’t for the fact that I really wanted to go to Italy with my sister, I’d have them today.

But don’t think I’m not sentimental. Marcia and I will certainly toast her while we hoist a few on the shores of Lake Como.

Dry your eyes people, we’re shifting back to the shot gun. David was going to take it apart and stow the pieces separately.

I pointed out a way more efficient way to pack it while still keeping it in the security of it’s case. Now there’s knowledge that I probably won’t need any time soon.

2. Even though it was her birthday Susan and I had words on the phone and  we started yelling at each other. She even sent me an email with capital letters in it.

When we hung up I called Julie knowing she would side with me that Susan was an unreasonable bitch but much to my surprised I was greeted with silence.

“You and Sue were both cranky and you had the kind of fight you always have” That’s as close as she could get to saying that it was my fault .

3. The fight was about me not wanting to go to a restaurant that wasn’t in a one block radius of my house. I called Susan “What’s the address and what time?” Crow eaten

4. Susan’s party was terrific. David came with me.  He’s spending the next few weeks bidding adieux to everyone. He’s being unusually nice much of the time too. But not all the time.

My drinks of choice are either vodka and club soda with olives or a wine spritzer with grapes.

Now what’s the point of putting tasty things in your drinks if you can’t refresh your palate with them during the drink?

Well Mr. Amy Vanderbilt takes issue with that. He rolls his eyes every time I reach into my cocktail to delicately pull out a morsel.

“That’s disgusting!”

“It’s my fingers and my drink”

“Now your fingers are all wet”

“No they aren’t. I wiped them on the cushion. Jeez”

This went back and forth for awhile until I finally said “Look, you’ll be gone in a few weeks. You won’t change me in that short time and even if you could there’s nothing in it for me. After you left I’d just be sitting here alone wishing I could think of a way to get my grapes out of my wine.

I want to mention that David wrote such a lovely comment on my last blog. He doesn’t show that side of him very often but in reading it you can see why I  love him and will miss him terribly.

He refers to me as the Field Marshal of his move. I didn’t have total control. He absolutely rejected my suggestion of “Shleppers” as his moving company.


3 thoughts on “894. A Day In The Life

    • I’m sure he will for awhile but he’s moving to a place that is beautiful and he has friends there. He’ll be fine.
      I’m probably going to miss him more. No more cocktail hours unless I can make Ray drink.

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