895. I may be too good to be true

I am a saint.

David had a bunch of suits from fancy stores that he didn’t want any more. According to him none of them cost less than a grand.

He asked me to find a suitable group to donate them to.

He wanted them out of his apartment by this weekend because he’s having a dinner for his closest friends ( Go ahead, ask me if I am invited) and the suits were clogging up the place.

My first preference was the NAACP or any Jewish group just to piss him off but I couldn’t schedule a pick  up in time so I decided the Viet Nam Veterans of America. They give to all veterans not just Viet Nam veterans.

Well let me tell you! This was a bitch. I put all those suits in a box, about 20, sealed it up and dragged it to the elevator and down to the doorman.

Was it heavy? Yes it was. Am I 71? Yes I am! Will I get the tax deduction? NO I won’t.

Up until last night I thought that David would do very well in Houston but I may have been wrong.

It’s possible that he’s lived in New York too long.

You know how polite southerners are even while they are shooting you? Well David being away from Texas for so long may have lost his edge.

Last evening we were sitting on my terrace having cocktails enjoying the evening when his real estate broker called and said that his future landlord either wanted to add something to the lease or wanted  him to re send something, I didn’t get all the details.

His reply?

“Tell her to suck my dick”

Now this is a perfectly appropriate response here in the Big Apple but I gotta think that in Texas he should have added a please to that.

10 thoughts on “895. I may be too good to be true

  1. Curious as to what David’s response would have been had the landlord been a male! Regardless, I’m sure he’ll get the rental anyway, he seems to have that kind of luck 🙂 You are a sweetheart and a wonderful friend to have packed up those suits for him and was very nice of him to donate them.

  2. Hey Mattie,

    A Saint you are! I always donate to the Viet Nam Vet’s too! You have been such a loyal neighbor to David (and Liz) I know it is going to be a tough transition for all not to mention a bit quiet up on the 18th floor:( I did love reading Davids post, you are the best!

    BTW – today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary!! So if you have a cocktail tonight tip one back for us! XXOO-Teresa

  3. Thanks for the hoist! We are back from a cocktail (x3) to celebrate 26 years of marriage on a roof top Bar in Portland Or, very fun and the spark still shines! After the cocktails and I tried the Vodka Titos (your suggestion and David likes) it was very tasty! Okay Mattie, hang in there without your buddy David next door, he is there in your heart. XXOO – Teresa

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