896. I Am A Saint Part Deux or the dave’s

Well I had a whole other idea about today’s blog but stuff happens.

dave still uses this address as his american address. Periodically something comes here that he needs and I send it to him because I’m what? That’s right, a saint.

Anyway he got some new credit cards and he wanted me to fedex them to him. Which I did, again because why? You guessed it.

Unfortunately I sent it to his previous address in Japan where, as he said in this morning’s email, he and his slut, er wife, haven’t lived in a year and a half.

I simply must keep better track of them. Anyway I spent this whole morning talking to Fedex.

(Please God make the credit cards arrive safely or dave will drop me like a hot potato and move to another land and marry the whore he was fucking while we were married.)

Another thing that has occurred is that the box of David’s suits that I so lovingly packed to go to the veteran’s was rejected by UPS because it was too heavy so I have to repack it in 3 separate boxes.

I told David this and his reaction was, “You sure are using a lot of my boxes”.

But he was appreciative.

“To thank you for this” he said “I’m taking you out to dinner”

“If you think you’re taking me to that shit mexican restaurant, Rosa Mexicana, you can shove it up your ass”

” Well that was gracious, where do you want to go?”

“I like italian food, chinese food or steak”

I got an email later in the day that he had made a reservation at Bobby Van’s Steak House, a really fancy place.

I spent the rest of the day perusing the menu to see what I’d like to order.

I wrote back “I think I’ll have the filet mignon and not that petite thing. Oh and I’m expecting 3 courses…..and sides”

“Still the charmer”

The dinner was terrific. And as always, he ordered great wine.

He wouldn’t tell me how much it cost but it had to be double digits.

One thing I’ll really miss about eating with him is that during the meal he invariably points to somewhere on his face letting me know that that’s where I have food.

He follows it up with a quote from the movie “A New Leaf” where the butler, George Rose, tells the husband played by Walter Matthau that he made sure his wife, Elaine May, was “Free of crumbs” when she went out.

I’ll also miss the good wine.


5 thoughts on “896. I Am A Saint Part Deux or the dave’s

  1. Three boxes? David owes you triple digits. 🙂

    PS — dave should quit taking advantage of your kindness and use a shipping service. There are several that provide a physical USA address for your mail & will then forward your mail to wherever you designate (including international locations). Obviously, there’s a fee, but that’s dave’s problem since HE is the one that chose to move to Japan.

  2. You are a saint!! I’m lucky to know you through the ‘magic of the internet’ 🙂

    BTW, I still help my ex-boyfriend with his taxes every year…

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