897. Mem’ries

In a few short weeks David will be gone from my life forever.

Unless he comes to New York on business and every other person he knows here is busy.

For that reason I will sprinkle my blogs until he leaves with his bon mots.

This will have the following effect on me. I’ll hear the type of things I will never have to listen to again which will in some ways make me glad to see him go and in others make it harder to say good bye.

Why just this morning we were having coffee on his terrace and discussing how to pack his dead chicken. He insists that it was sent to him packed in styrofoam peanuts and it survived the trip.

I reminded him that styrofoam isn’t legal any more. I saw an experiment where they burnt styrofoam in a tube and it immediately sucked all the oxygen out of the tube.

He got a big grin on his face and asked me to guess which US city has the lowest rate of recycling. Yep, Houston.

“You know David when I was a little girl a loaf of bread would last only a few days and then it would get moldy. Now they put chemicals in the bread and it lasts for weeks. But guess where all those chemicals end up? In the bodies of growing children.”

I really thought I had him with that one. I should have known better.

“Okay but if you do away with those chemicals 1/3 of the world would die” then he added as he went for a fresh cup of coffee, “Not that it’s a third of the world that I give a shit about”.

This goes on the “Glad To See Him Go” list.






5 thoughts on “897. Mem’ries

  1. To clarify, the bird in question is a pheasant. The estimate that 1/3 of the world’s population would starve without the use of modern farming methods, which include the application of chemical pesticides, is the work of analysts at the World Bank. Besides, as Mattie said, the half- life of bread is now close to that of nuclear waste.What’s the big deal?

    • Aww Jane … We love him!! Sometimes don’t agree with what he says, but he’s loveable !! And I’m definitely sad that he’s leaving 😦

  2. Oh you two! As long as the “Glad to See Him Go” list may be, the “Sad to Say Goodbye to Each Other” list (and I know there is one) will be able to reach from NYC to Texas. David will be busy annoying everyone along the way to Houston which will keep him happy and busy and I hope that you have something planned on the farewell day Mattie that includes being with someone who can give you a lot of hugs.

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