899 Boys will be schmucks

David has been having plenty of “last meals” with his New York friends and relatives.

The other night he had his son Milton and Milton’s childhood to now friends for a chili dinner and a Dallas football game.

Although they’ve always had for this group a “No Girls Allowed” rule David did ask me if I wanted to come over for a drink.

I declined but begged him to let Ray come. Ray loves these boys.

David said ok but only until he becomes a pain.

This happened about an hour after the game started when he was playing tug of war with one of the boys and growling.

David told me later that Milton looked over at him and said “Doesn’t that dog know there’s a football game on?”

At which point Ray was put into the hall and the door slammed behind him.

The next morning I asked how the party went. David couldn’t stop laughing while trying to tell me.

It seems that Milton and his friend Marvin were in a bar and Milton pointed out a girl looking at Marvin “I think she’s interested in you.

She was really pretty so Marvin went over and talked to her. It was the end of the night so Marvin asked if he could meet her the next night for a drink.

They met as planned. Marvin asked her what she did for a living and she answered that she was between jobs. She had been a media digital analyst but now she was into internet porn.

“Porn? Tell me more” Marvin couldn’t believe his good luck.

It seems that she made videos under the name of Cuminabag6 which as one of the boys noted that meant there was still Cuminabag5 down to 1 that had to be gone through before she could get that name.

It clearly was a love match between Cum and Marvin because she gave him some free passes to her website.

The rest of the evening was spent with David and the boys going back and forth between Tony Romo and Cum showing her wares on their cell phones and screaming with laughter.

And I missed it.

Well I can say good bye to classy nights like this when David leaves.


One thought on “899 Boys will be schmucks

  1. Um, NOT going to comment RE “Ms CumW”………I’m guessing “Classy” is not her middle name……..

    RE Ray, though? Sounds like Ray considers David part of your “pack”. So, when David does finally move, maybe he could leave something with his scent (no jokes intended) on it for Ray. An old unwashed t-shirt, towel, or whatever that isn’t too disgusting (to Ray OR you, LOL). Dogs are so scent-driven, and it might help Ray adjust with David’s absence. Just a thought.

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