903. A stinkweed is a stinkweed is a stinkweed

David has finally found a home.

I actually thought that when he got to Texas and heard people saying the things he’s been saying here it would offend him but each time I speak to him he sounds happier. Crazy me.

I’ll give you a taste of what he’s been telling me.

When the landlord said he’d be responsible for the yard he asked the broker “Don’t they have any Mexicans here?”

Her answer “Oh yes, we have plenty of Mexicans”

On agreeing to something in the lease that he thought was petty, “Well I’ll just act like a white man and sign it.”

Her response “I thank you for that”.

Last night he told me he actually used that term with a woman who was lawyer a from Mexico. She was helping him pick out bedroom furniture.

“Are you crazy?” I asked him.

“She knew I didn’t mean her”

I gotta think Dave’s gonna have to find some else to take him to furnish his living room.

He spoke to his neighbor asking him if they separated cans and things from regular garbage.

“Hell no! Where you from?” This gave David an opening for his favorite joke.

“The people’s republic of New York”

“What denomination are you?”

Not wanting the guy to think he was a Jew or a Catholic, which according to him are 6 of 1, half a dozen of another he proudly said “Methodist”.

I gotta think my ex father in law who was a Methodist minister and the kindest and most liberal man I’ve ever known is twirling in his grave.

Well people we got rid of one bad apple from the Big Apple.

From now on my blog will be filled with puppies and flowers.

That is unless someone fucks with me.


2 thoughts on “903. A stinkweed is a stinkweed is a stinkweed

  1. Who gives a shit about your writing about puppies and flowers!!
    None of your liberal readers will admit it but at least what you write about me is generally biting and occasionally appalling to registered Democrats. On the other hand maybe the average reader just wants to see more pictures of your stupid dog.

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