903. Only 2 more nights in Italy

I know I haven’t written but it’s not my fault. This country isn’t much for wifi.

Plus Marcia and I have been very busy having fun with only a few mishaps yesterday.

I tripped a baby and Marcia spilled a bottle of red nail polish on the floor of a supermarket. Strangely enough instead of making a run for it she stood around looking at eye shadows.

I had to grab her arm and pull her out of there. I asked her why she stayed even tho there was a girl on her knees cleaning up the mess right by her feet.

She said she felt the least she could do was buy something and anyway the girl was doing such a good job she was sure it happened to them all the time.

We are in Lake Como now.  We went looking for a place to eat dinner and came upon a lovely restaurant. It was very fancy.

The service was extremely slow and at least twice Marcia had to restrain me from asking who we have to blow to get a drink?

The waiter spoke english but neither one of us understood a word he said. Interestingly enough every time he asked us if we wanted something we still said yes.

In most cases you’d think it wouldn’t matter.  For example he mumbled something when our main dishes came. It had a question mark at the end. What coud it be? cheese? Fresh pepper? So she nodded which is why he threw olive oil all over her ravioli.

I think he wasn’t crazy about us anyway.

Marcia spit out her amuse bouche. I told her it was pasta.

Holy squidastrophe!

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